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In this 2-day workshop we’ll dive into the topic of Autonomous Service design, using a sandbox project containing several interdependent services. These services send messages to each other, and they call each other to retrieve data. In other words, they’re not autonomous at all. We’ll figure out some clever ways in which we can invert dependencies and leverage a messaging solution to achieve autonomy after all.


  • Guidelines of designing for autonomy
  • Event-based service integration
  • Solving the "command" issue
  • Read models and projections
  • Solving the "query" issue
  • Bounded contexts
  • The Reservation pattern
  • Reporting


  • You should be comfortable writing PHP code.
  • You should have Docker running on your machine (the workshop project ships with Docker images).

Lunch and drinks are included.

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Golden Value
Edisonbaan 14
3439 MN Nieuwegein