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About this event

In this 2-day workshop, you'll go back to the basics of object-oriented programming and learn to apply core principles of Domain-Driven Design to your domain objects: aggregates, consisting of entities and value objects.

You'll learn how to progress from domain knowledge to a functioning domain model, and use unit testing along the way to describe the expected behavior of your objects.

The program

  • Object-orientation, distilled
  • Event storming session: the warehousing domain
  • Modelling session: determine types and behavior
  • Implementing an entity and value objects
  • Aggregate design rules
  • Working with domain events and eventual consistency


  • You should be comfortable writing PHP code, including classes, and know at least the basics of unit testing.
  • You should have the PHP 7.1 runtime available on your machine (the workshop project also ships with a Docker image for PHP).

Lunch and drinks are included.

The venue for the workshop hasn't been determined yet, but it will be somewhere in the middle of the country.

Early bird tickets are available until August 23rd!

There's a group discount of 10% when ordering 3 or more tickets.

Golden Value
Edisonbaan 14
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